Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New 5 K

We have begun running with the Kiddos and training for Race the Reserve.  It is humbling to go running with the under 12 set.  They have taken to running with a enthusiasm that makes me wonder how they sprang from my loins.  The Littlest is Mutant Running Child, running behind her is like watching the Road Runner run past you.  I expect to her her say "Beep Beep" and run into a tunnel that turns into a cliff face for me.

The Boy Runs along like a human, a good pace - exerting himself but bopping along easily.  Eldest Girl also bops along but she is not exerting herself - she doesn't flush or breath hard.  I know she'd be up there with her siblings but is content to trot next to me, running is the new social experience.

The Adoptees - Soul Sister's children with us for a week - are taking to the run with good grace.  Her Son is a cub scout buddy with my Boy, they lope along together. Her Girl is accepting enough or the situation but is looking forward to The End.  I know the feeling.  After every run segment she asks, "Is it The End yet?"

At last I can stop telling her no and say, 'Nothing but walking now!"