Monday, May 7, 2012

Now if Only I Can Kick the Birthday Cake Habit

According to the Dear Husband door to door was 4K, third fastest time.  Well, third fastest time for him, I think it overall must have been second fastest for me.  I was closer to him in the run than I usually am for longer than I usually am.

It is Sunny and Warm today edging on 70 degrees.  If this is what running in 70 degree weather is like, give me 65 and misting slightly.  I am a creature of dim libraries and early morning doughnuts, running in the warm sunshine is an acquired taste.  Down Jacobs to Rhodie Trail where we transitioned from shade to sun.  The Sun was at out backs and I was just about to the shady dip at the top of the Terry hill when Dear Husband turned around. I cast a longing glance at the shady trees when I turned and face to the sun had to run back the way I came.

Dear Husband and Soul Sister both can run wearing sunglasses, but I need every inch of my skin to sweat freely so I squinted into the glare and ran for the shade as fast as I could.  Sadly, I ran for the shade in my only slightly faster than normal stride.  Once I got out of the sun and felt my cave white flesh bathing in the shade ecstatically, I looked down Jacobs.  It seemed a lot longer going home than running up it.

Expecting my salsa music to carry me along, I instead got Long and Winding Road.

Wait . . wha happen?  Stupid Beatles cover. Long winding road that will never disappear? check.  The bitter tears I am crying? check.  Being left behind by my lover? check. Stupid Song.  Next Song:  Huey Lewis singing Oh Darlin'.  OK, still bitter tears but upbeat music and a nice guitar riff.  Why yes, you can still air guitar when you run, thanks for asking!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I missed posting Monday.  I ran, I gasped, I conquered.  We are now running for distance and time, so it is a slog each day we run.  Typically the midweek evening runs are the hardest and tonight was no exception.  We were about half way in the run when I rolled my ankle.  Not badly but, golly!, it hurts: ankles were not supposed to go sideways.

Still, that is not my big news this time around.  Oh no!  Dear Husband and I had finished our five minute opening walk I had gotten three steps in the actual jog when the girls got loose.  The jogging bra had unzipped itself and whee!  They may take our underwires, but they will never take our FREEDOM!!!
Of course it was really difficult getting the zipper up discretely.  Then I kept checking it all through the run sure that the zipper was sliding down.  It wasn't but I couldn't find a rhythm.  Then I rolled my ankle.  Sigh.