Thursday, May 3, 2012


I missed posting Monday.  I ran, I gasped, I conquered.  We are now running for distance and time, so it is a slog each day we run.  Typically the midweek evening runs are the hardest and tonight was no exception.  We were about half way in the run when I rolled my ankle.  Not badly but, golly!, it hurts: ankles were not supposed to go sideways.

Still, that is not my big news this time around.  Oh no!  Dear Husband and I had finished our five minute opening walk I had gotten three steps in the actual jog when the girls got loose.  The jogging bra had unzipped itself and whee!  They may take our underwires, but they will never take our FREEDOM!!!
Of course it was really difficult getting the zipper up discretely.  Then I kept checking it all through the run sure that the zipper was sliding down.  It wasn't but I couldn't find a rhythm.  Then I rolled my ankle.  Sigh.

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