Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello Dolly!

That Big Band Sound

Nothing like Bobby Darin and a big band number to help you drag your weary carcass home from a run those last few steps. You really need the trumpets modulating up a half step to cross the finish line so to speak. I would have sashayed into the house to the final drumbeats and cymbal clashes, but sashaying takes too much energy and I had to make do with an exhausted stumble.

Guerillas in the Mist - "Go - Guer. HUGE Difference"

We left this morning and it was that nice mistiness which is not quite rain; it just bathes your flushed face. I knew that we would be running the same hills as on Monday and wouldn't you know it, but our pace was hitting the hills right at the run times rather than the walk times in the workout. Fortunately, the rug sharks were not out today. They wouldn't attack us from the sidelines as passed. We only saw two other people during our labors: one other jogger with two happy huskies and one older walker.

We saw the walker at the half way point. Dear Husband and I had given each other a leaden high five and he walked past smiling hugely. I took it as encouragement rather than mockery. Anytime you see a fat person huffing and puffing in torturous exercise they need all the encouragement they can get.

I Dream of Junk Food

I really want a doughnut. I need a sugar and fat injection like a junkie needs a fix. I had visions of a Boston Cream, haunting me. I keep thinking that all I have to do is drive five minutes down the road and I could inhale it. Give up this crazy running thing and fall back into the natural state of inertia that would allow me to eat a Apple Fritter and not worry about "running it off". I want a Burgerville burger, McDonald's fries, and fish and chips from Ivars. These must all be staved off with Cherry essence prunes in the cupboard. Lucky ME!

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