Monday, April 9, 2012

Rainbow Cake Strikes Back

 Today I went to mooch free coffee and pray at a friend's house while Dear Husband went to a doctor's appointment in town.  To prove this woman is a soul sister she commended my running and gave me a big slab of rainbow cake.  I had to eat it: it looked like a rainbow, it was too happy NOT to eat.

I did this knowing of course, this is the week thing begin stepping up with every run.  Today was 8 minutes of running per run session.  I was feeling alright during the first eight minutes, breathing deeply, no dry heaves eminent.  I trotted down the street behind the Dear Husband watching him wrestle with the dog bouncing into the  brush on the side of the road.

He turned onto Rhodie Trail and I realized I had managed to jog the whole length of Jacobs, a personal best.  We entered the first walk portion of the run which is when the cake decided it no longer wanted to house itself in the belly of a woman who could run all the way down Jacobs road.  Turning, I swallowed hard, breathed through my nose and spoke sternly to myself.

I gave myself to the end of the song, judged that our walk period was almost over, and began the slog back down the road.  I reveled in the few moments that I was in front of the Dear Husband.  Pretty soon the dog was passing me and then his Man.  He got far enough down the road that he was nice an blurry in front of me.

The Cake retreated in defeat.  Victorious.

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