Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still Alive

This Was a Triumph

Today was the day the program got serious. No more itty-bitty three minute run periods, only 5 minutes on from here. I fully expected to be crying shamelessly a third of the way through today. The fact that I neither started crying or dry heaving is a nothing short of a miracle.

I'm Making a Note Here: Huge Success

We planned a new route today: up Jacobs, down Rhodie Trail to Terry Rd., down Terry to Ft. Casey, Ft. Casey to home. This route has the added benefit of running down the hill at Terry. Quite an improvement over the hills we ran UP in Bethany while on vacation. (An unfairness I am still peeved with - Why did we run UP HILL on Vacation?!) The sun was shining on the pink blossoms of the plum trees lining the yard, while fog lingered on the water. My favorite kind of spring morning - one I usually enjoy with 3 cups of coffee and a token nod at the laundry pile.

The laundry pile got a sneer and I updated the run mix. Then we got out to the run. Immediately the usual running irritants showed up: wedgie: check, headphones falling out of ears: check, headphone cords pulling on coat: check, small flying insect trying to fly into my mouth: check, mouth full of saliva (I am not hungry to eat that bug no matter how much I crave protein), check. Fortunately I had my running ace in the hole queued up, with the intent to cycle back to it as many times as I need. So I began with M.W. Smith.

As we began the second run portion down Rhodie Trail I began to stumble. My legs had decided they were done. I scolded them and fumbled at the iPod to jump up to another song. By some happy chance I landed on Suitcases by Dara Maclean. Thank you Christine Chittim, yet another ideal running song. Not only can you not run well holding suitcases as the lyrics say, but it is also difficult running with 30 extra pounds. (30 is what I said and I am sticking with it. The scale and I are not friends. I find it judgemental, unlike my coffee cup which is always there for me.)

By the time we hit Terry and were on our last run portion and the iPod kicked up Deep in Love With You. While it was probably the down hill aspect, I had no trouble running the last run portion. My legs began burning as I rounded the corner to Engle Farm. I saw Dear Husband begin to walk but I decided to finish the song running. After that I didn't want to walk the rest of the way home, but because I couldn't call a car service, didn't quite need an ambulance, and sadly Waaaambulances are not a real thing, I resigned myself to walking.

It's Hard to Overstate My Satisfaction

The small rise up Rusty to our house was more tiring than the rest of the run put together. Hills are only fun on the way down them.

Run Mix: God Be Merciful to Me - Jars of Clay, Healing Rain - Michael W Smith, God Almighty - Chris Tomlin, Suitcases - Dara Maclean, Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry, Deep in Love With You, I Am Love, Come to the Cross - Michael W Smith, With Everything - Hillsong

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