Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Call Me Gloria

Energy Miser

I have decided that "Energy Miser" sounds better than couch potato. It's not that I have an objection to moving per se, rather the use of energy is worth the effort of expenditure. Perhaps "energy conservationist" is better. It sounds forward thinking and virtuous. Makes me think of wind farms.

The Dear Husband is working from home today as The Boy crosses over to Boy Scouts from Cub Scouts. This is good because it means no night run tonight, when my legs are tired and my enthusiasm is dim. However, I promised to help a friend with Many Toddlers (none of which belong to her) because my mouth once again operated independently of my brain. This means I woke up earlier than I wished to "fit in" my run. Just typing that sentence makes me think I am stuck in a weird alternate reality.

Inching Downward

Dear Husband brought my dryer warmed running clothes. (Bliss!) Got the kids eating breakfast and then we left to go our miles (not Bliss). I have no wedgies, no cutting wind, no rain. What delight waited for me today? Falling pants! Yea, a veritable cornucopia of joys await the runner. Monday I wore the same running pants and they behaved the entire trip. I think it must be because the wind was so cold that they stayed close to my body heat, but today? Every time we reached the "jog" portion of the outing, they decided to inch downward with every step. By the time I could feel cool air on the small of my back (as the pants fell so the t-shirt rose) I'd have a hitch in my step as I yanked them back up. Jog, jog, YANK, jog.

The Inner Critic Whispers Stop

Cars drove past on their way to work. There goes the chubby woman - jog, jog YANK jog jog. The inner critic whispers "Stop, just let HIM run. You are having a wardrobe malfunction and it is perfectly acceptable to walk the rest of the time." I am about to give in when another blissful walking period begins.

Toddler Mania

Blessed Man lets me have a shower first. Off to play with 9 preschoolers. There is one gem who has decided to call me Gloria. Perhaps my own name has been forgotten, perhaps she has only misheard it pronounced by adults, but she is confident in Gloria so Gloria I shall be. That's cool, the Gloria I know is full of grace and truth. I've got the truth now I need the grace. perhaps it will stick.

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