Monday, March 26, 2012

No Jogging for YOU!


I woke up this morning when the cat jumped on me. It being a running day, I immediately began my satisfying ritual of mentally grousing before I arose from the confines of my bed. I should have sprung from my bed with a cheery smile and gone running. Instead I fielded a call from my sister - the Littlest - on the return from a sleepover had broken out in a rash all over her body.

Pediatrician, Ho!

Instead of a mid-morning jog. I went to the Back Door of Ostracism at the doc's office. The verdict: Strep Throat. No school. Antibiotics. Should I be worried that my 6 year old can toss back shots like a college kid? (Albeit shots of strawberry flavored medication)

Instead of bundling the kiddo off to school and having a belated jog, my plan "B", I was faced with a choice: run by myself or not run. Hmmm Tough Choice!! On one hand, no running! On the other hand, if I don't run today, it is the first step of a slippery slope of dogging out on my part of the 5K program. I did not run.

Smart Alek

"Hello! Did you know it has been 421 days since your last visit?" yeah that you know of stupid exercise program. "How is Harris? I haven't seen him lately." that's because he is outside playing real sports you Skynet wannabe. "Did you know your dog is happier when you give him attention?" The scary thing is, I never told the Wii I had a dog. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords!

2500 steps and 1/2 hour later . . .

"You did great! Would you like to do that again?!"

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