Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 2 Day 1: 30 Seconds of Doom

 Unrealistic Expectations

As a couch potato I can tell you that I found a whole new set of unrealistic expectations of this exercise program.  Oh, I have no grand vision of myself ever joyfully bounding out the door for a run with a spring in my step and a  bounce in my erm... ponytail; I don't expect running to be anything other than, at best, extended discomfort for the duration.  No my unrealistic expectations were the thought that adding an extra 30 seconds of jogging to each section would be balanced by the extra 30 seconds of walking that were added to the walking sections. Ha, ha, ha.  I'd laugh but that would take energy, which good couch potatoes hoard like the energy misers they are.

The Worms Were Out

It rained this morning, but thankfully it stopped, because I was not looking forward to another run in the rain.  This just meant the worms issued forth from the ground like an Egyptian plague.  The first few minutes of walk consisted of me dodging worms on the ground so that I would not me scraping them off my shoes at the end of the walk.  Or maybe I'd just run them off the soles of my shoes! Ha ha.  Worms, the perfect metaphor of being ground in to the mud by the soulless cruelty of the running program.  I was the Worm, therefore I took extra care to leave my pitiful fellows in muddy bliss until we started running on the pavement.

A Minor Victory

It was a minor victory that the dog did not give me a worried look over his should every two minutes this week.  Our collie, The Dog They Call Jayne, was vastly worried last Wednesday that I was too far behind.  I needed Rounding Up but he was on a lead up ahead with the Man.  Stymied by the lead, he would just look over his shoulder worriedly.  Today I only got two looks - sweet progress!

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